We Are Ready.


Voices united in connection and love to create bridges to mental health and addiction services in Yamhill County.

A collective, housed under Newberg Education Foundation and supported by many in our community.

Elise Yarnell & Kristen Stoller, Co-founders

Elise Yarnell & Kristen Stoller, Co-founders


Governance Board Members

Elise Yarnell, Clinic Manager, Providence, co-founder Community Wellness Collective, Newberg City Councilor , community member

Kristen Stoller, President, Newberg Education Foundation, co-founder, Community Wellness Collective, community member

Jeri Turgesen, PsyD, ABPP, Clinical Lead, Providence Medical Group Behavioral Health, supervising provider of mental wellness center for Newberg Public Schools, community member

Luke Neff, PhD, Strategic Partnerships, Newberg Public Schools, community member

Tony Buckner, Vice Principal, Newberg Public Schools

Denise Bacon, Newberg City Councilor, Ford Family Foundation, Nurture Newberg

Ashley Lippard, Graphic Designer, George Fox Design School professor, community member

Brandon Porter, The Brandon Porter Show, real estate agent, community member

Lindsey Manfrin, Deputy Director, Yamhill County Health and Human Services

Branden Garland, Chiropractor, community member

Leo Ceja-Hidalgo, Newberg Public Schools intervention specialist

Sam Espindola, Spanish translator

Sabrina Salewski, affected mother of suicide, community member

Heidi Hopkins, community member, mindfulness coach at Newberg middle schools

Kate Stokes, Youth Outreach Director for YCAP

Shannon Wagner, Occupational Therapist

Capri Wheaton, student representative

Alyssa Johnson, student representative

Emily Chlumak, real estate agent, Resource Rooms

Amy Prindle, Team Coordinator for Providence Medical Group

Sam Jacobs, PRR for Providence Medical Group, Outreach specialist for Community Wellness Collective